Civil & Industrial Applications

Civil Engineering
Arumpo Bentonite has been successfully used in civil engineering structures where the native soils are highly permeable and an impermeable barrier is required. Electrical earthing, roads, geotechnical barriers and drilling are some of the applications in which Arumpo Bentonite is used.

Arumpo Bentonite has developed specifically formulated products that achieve un-matched performance in the presence of saline and saline-sodic waters thereby extending civil engineering capabilities where traditional bentonite materials fail

Environmental Waste Containment
Arumpo Bentonite’s low permeability (fluid loss) makes it ideal for waste containment cell walls and caps.

Industrial Absorbent
Arumpo Bentonite’s exceptional absorption properties enable it to absorb its own weight many times over. Arumpo Bentonite is therefore ideal as an absorbent and has found many uses in both industry and the home, from large industrial spillages to absorbing fats and oils under the backyard barbeque.
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