Water Storage Sealing
Arumpo Bentonite, applied as a blanket or in admixes with the local clay, is ideally suited to dam (new & existing), channels and large scale water storage sealing, providing an economical method of creating high performance lining barriers. The unique sealing properties of Arumpo Bentonite are associated with its extremely fine natural grain size, swell and liquid limit. It has a very low permeability (fluid loss) which becomes even more impermeable under increased head pressure.

Soil Improver
Arumpo Bentonite is a naturally occurring sodium bentonite with a very high cation exchange capacity. It possesses natural absorbency, water retention and soil binding properties leading to improved fertility of soils and the prevention of wash-out of fertilisers. Many sandy soils suffer low water holding and a tendency to waterproof when dry; working in Arumpo Bentonite will improve both of these problems in applications ranging from agricultural farming to the home gardener.
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